A heartfelt gratitude


 Posted on Sat Aug, 8 2015 14:42

                      Group Tour to Singapore, Thailand & Malasia


         I was a traveller with Go Disha and I am writing this feedback / experience for the Group Trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore from 20th Dec to 30th Dec. I am a student and I was travelling alone on this trip. You could realize my anticipation. But I must say I had a memorable time in these 10 days and all thanks to our Tour Manager. He was friendly and easy to talk to and very lively.

Moving ahead, to my time in Singapore. It is but obvious that no matter what, everyone will visit the 'Universal Studios' and 'Singapore Flyer' as that is what Singapore is famous for. So here I was taking in the awesome sights. I don't think anyone would ever deny visiting these 2 famous destinations. . It was a experience which we definitely enjoyed. 

The first impression for me as a newcomer was scary, but you did a mighty good job.

Speaking about our Tour Manager, I frankly confess to you that if I speak about his efforts and qualities, I will fall short of words. Let me share with you an instance where we all were in a restaurant having our dinner and there was also another Group along with us and we could clearly see their Tour manager's behavior towards their group. He was clearly being a Hitler and then I looked at our tour manager and I realized how lucky I am to be on this side of the group along with him. One very rarely sees a tour manager being calm and composed throughout the trip. I hardly remember a moment were he lost his temper, or left us struggling in a different and alien country. He was there with us all the time, letting us know everything about the places we visited in a meticulous manner. He saw to it that he was always on time and above all he saw to it that he was absolutely enthusiastic throughout the trip. Being humorous whenever the situation demanded was the best thing I noted in him and this is what boosts the group’s energy after a tiring day. The Blue Day which we celebrated was totally awesome. A 5hr journey became exciting and trust me no one was dull throughout the 5 hour journey. I personally got attached to him as a friend and it was indeed hard for me to bid him adieu on 30th December. 

On the last day he said that he also enjoyed a lot with us and it was due to us that he was at his best, but I think he has it in himself the potential to make the trip a memorable one. When we were in Singapore airport I told him that, I am and I will definitely come on a trip with Go Disha, specially on the trip were you will be the Tour Manager. So I request you to kindly to make him my tour manager for a Europe trip as that's where I wanna go next. Hahaha I know I am asking a bit too much. 

I am falling short of words and ways to applaud or compliment the qualities and abilities of your team. Everyone was at their best and I am glad that I chose to travel with Go Disha. It was indeed an enjoyable experience. This is the best way I deemed possible to convey my utter joy and satisfaction of the trip.

It was a pleasure travelling with Go Disha, where it is definitely all about travel and fun. They stand true to their motto.


Thank you.