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Mr. Kailash Chandra Das

Everything went just excellent on the tour. Overall tour was well managed and executed by Mahesh. Thanks to Go Disha for such a wonderful tour.

Mrs. Leena Khambekar

Time spent at Opera House was the most memorable moment of the tour. Mahesh took great care of every member on the tour. Excellent hotels were provided for accommodation.

Mr. Damodar Panchal

Liked sights of Gold Coast and Melbourne. Mahesh was excellent at his work. Hotels facility for stay was excellent.

Mr. Deelip Joshi

Every part of the tour was just wonderful. During tour accommodation was good. Thanks, Go Disha for such a wonderful tour.

Mr. Upendra Maharana

Tour was absolutely amazing, liked Gold Coast a lot. Had great fun with the group and Mahesh during the stay.

Mr. Chandra Prasad

Had a great time at Melbourne. Mahesh kept us engrossed all the time during the tour and took care that no part of the tour is boredom.

Mr. Vinod Krishnasagar

Enjoyed the Penguin Parade at the Philip Island. Tour was well guided by Mahesh. Hotels for stay during the tour were excellent.

Mr. Suresh Kumar Singh

Experience of Cable Car at Mt Titlis was awesome. Food and Accommodation were good. Had a lot of fun with the group and especially Tour Manager Nickhil.

Mrs. Vaishali Suryawanshi

Liked Mt Titlis and sights of Switzerland. Experience of Snowfall at Switzerland were the most memorable moment of the tour.

Mr. Surendra Prabhu

This was my sceond tour with GoDisha. Liked the sights of Innsbruck the most. Delicious food and luxurious hotels were available during the stay as before.