Celebrate International Women's Day at these places with your Girl Gang!

by Kajal Rambhia

 Posted on Thu Mar, 8 2018 18:00

It is highly believed that solo travel sums up a fascinating ride that every individual should try at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, you must have also read about the idea of females setting on adventure trips all alone. However, while on one side, excitement of a solo trip is occupying your mind, here’s an extraordinary plan to lure your interests this Women’s Day!

How about a trip with your #Girl_Gang? The ones you can never short fall of loving, the ones who have always been there besides even when you don’t need them, the ones who are irreplaceable no matter whoever else comes and go! Though there are more important relationships to handle and take care of, the bond you share with your ‘girlfriend’ remains special and unbreakable!

And since creating memories with this stupid-sweet special person is a unique phase of life, let’s add more to it. Celebrate every moment of the day dedicated to thank the existence of females in different spheres of life all around the world this year on 8th March, Thursday. Travel to these places exclusively shortlisted by Go Disha and cherish quality time with your soul sister(s):



Falling in contemporary wanderlust lists, Iceland and its natural wonders have largely influenced the travel industry. Along with the luring attractions such as the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights here, this part of the world is also a safe destination!


Eclectic, laid-back and downright beautiful, the city of canals, Amsterdam is a bustling hub to explore culture, history, art and leisure! With every different area boasting a unique character and charm, walking down and digging out hidden treasures around with your girl gang is a great idea this vacation.



The country with inspiring fashion, beautiful people, delicious food and romance is a fabulous destination to head to. Walking around the vibrant streets of Italy with your girl gang lets you feel empowered and full present.


South America’s one important country, Peru has gathered immense attention of travelers from all around the world for its archeological sites and pre-Columbian art! Especially with being home to Machu Picchu- one of the modern Wonders of the World, this destination is the perfect spot to some truly unforgettable moments with your girlfriends!



Spain is the country where you will get an easy access to numerous monuments, museums, nature areas, fine dining options and much more! It has something for everyone and indeed, the best for you when you are here on a vacation with your girl gang!


So, which place are you heading to??

If confused, rest your queries onto Go Disha's expert executives and save your time to pack bags!!


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