Experience Dubai’s Shopping Festival - 2016


 Posted on Thu Dec, 3 2015 17:56


Dubai – a man-made marvel is an oasis of life amidst the scorching desert. It is prolific result of human imagination and endeavor fueled by an ambitious futuristic vision. Experience how futuristic cities of the world will look and feel like . . . experience DUBAI. Dubai Fascinates all with its energy, optimism and openness’ towards people from all over the world. It is a stirring alchemy of deep traditions and awe-inspiring modernity. The way of life in Dubai is open and liberal where it’s easy for any traveler to connect with the myriad experiences that Dubai has to offer. Be it eating world cuisines, watching a belly-dance performance, duty – free shopping, riding a camel on a desert safari or tilting your head back as far as possible to view the tallest of skyscrapers, each is an invaluable experience to be relished. But the most famous DUBAI SHOPPING FESTIVAL is favorite one for all.

            If you are a shopaholic, Dubai is the place for you. Dubai especially is a top retail haunt that hosts not one but two huge annual shopping festivals. You’ll find every reason to indulge and even spend your last dirham in Dubai. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival held in the first month of every year (between January and February) draws lakhs of tourists and travelers from all over world. Dubai is the place to be during this annual world-event.

            Why once a year? Dubai remains a shopper’s paradise for all through the year. After all, it has the world’s largest shopping mall in all of retail history. With around 1200 retail outlets and departmental stores, this is not just a shopping mall but it’s a small city in itself. Here within the mall you can glide into a magical winter wonderland larger by Olympic-proportions, at the Dubai Ice Rink. Stake, play ice hockey or just have a great time watching others do the same in the coolest place to hang out at any time of the year. However, the center piece of the mail is the Dubai aquarium, one of the largest tanks in the world housing hundreds of the marine species. The tank features the largest viewing panel giving you an incredible close-encounter experience of the aquatic world within. With indoor theme parks and 150 different food outlets, the mall may consume half your day to just absorb in whatever it has to offer.

            In contrast to these updates and posh shopping malls are the noisy, chaotic and colorful souqs of Dubai. They are backstreet market places or bazaars full of local smells, flavors and goods. You can bargain as much as you want in the souqs. Shopping in these local bazaars is a joy. Gold, spices and condiments and even electronics can be bought at such souqs. A heaven for die-hard foodies, with a staggering fare of global cuisines served here by a transnational diaspora of immigrant who have made Dubai their home and workplace. You will always find something to eat over here which belongs to your own motherland. Get into the party mood and let yourself loose! Dubai comes alive when the moon’s high in the sky. With a vivacious night-life, Dubai is a city which caters parties to everyone. There are several fancy restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs here to suit every taste, budget and age group. Dubai is a bustling micro cosmos peacefully shared by cultures from all corners of the world. This diversity invades not only the culinary landscape but also finds expression in the fashion, music and culture of Dubai.