Glide Under the Magical Northern Lights of Iceland!

by Kajal Rambhia

 Posted on Thu Nov, 23 2017 19:22

Dream of sleeping beneath lights dancing high in the sky and varying its colors and your dream comes true in Iceland! An optimal destination to catch the phenomenal activity of solar particles entering the earth’s magnetic field at high atmosphere, and ionizing, Iceland has hugely been a popular spot amongst wanderlusts. Its dramatic contrast of fire and ice, extreme dark winters and summers or known as the place where insular existence has spurred a rich and vibrant culture carves out uniqueness.

Not just a destination but indeed an adventure set in stunning scenery, what adds on to travelling to this country of dynamic volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields or massive glaciers are the Northern Lights! This is nothing but the visual result of the solar activity where a concentration of electrical charges in the Polar Regions intensified by the snow and moisture leads to an exceptional awe-inspiring reaction. Ethically called the Aurora Borealis, this vivid demonstration is a sight to behold once in a lifetime!

Northern Lights!

Here are some bizarre things about Aurora Borealis you must know before visiting Iceland:

Different Ions make Different Colors

As explained before, Aurora displays are created when protons and electrons streaming from the space slam into the Earth’s magnetic field, you will see them moving in spirals and different directions. These atmospheric gases are made up of nitrogen and oxygen atoms where the former release more of orange or red color and latter, green and red! It is a delight to watch how the atoms become a bigger component at the high altitudes and hit the charged particles eventually relaxing and giving birth to photons of specific wavelengths.

Looks like Fire yet Cold

Though the movements seen are visible farther from poles than usual, you can capture this phenomenal beauty moving extreme south too! Also another noteworthy fact to mention here is that the Northern Lights look like fire but contrast reality measuring far below zero degree! Yes, you read it right. While the temperature of the upper atmosphere reaches thousands of degrees Fahrenheit, you do not usually feel heat at 60 miles (approx. 96 kilometers) density of the air flow from where all this display occurs.

Unpredictable and Uncertain

It isn’t necessary to find the Northern Lights as and when you want. It may happen that you plan a trip to Iceland and it may turn unsuccessful. Although there are other countless attractions to hold on to, we would suggest you to plan this trip of a lifetime with leading tour operators like Go Disha! Since it totally depends on how nature and energy play their roles, luck is always a major factor to help you make the most of your chance to visit Iceland.

Northern Lights!

However, once you are boarded with experienced professionals of the travel industry, all waiting for you in Iceland is the majestic and magical untouched landscapes of Iceland’s nature! Be rest assured of reaching on clear dark nights with a good forecast and a perfect shot of spotting the excellent, wonderful, mesmerizing, fascinating and colorful Northern Lights when with Go Disha! Oh, do not forget to dedicate some more time to your Iceland trip to enjoy the Thingvellir National Park, Geyser Hot Spring, Gullfoss Waterfall, floating in the Secret Lagoon and sleeping in a Bubble!


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