Here’s Why Europe is a Perfect Fit for your Next Vacation!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Mar, 16 2017 10:55

Aren’t you still thinking about that European dream getaway desired ever since you knew the world and interesting facts about Europe? Well, what’s the plan then; only dreaming or stop it and finally plan the perfect trip to the beautiful mix of old and new continent! It is quite a possibility to get attracted to this destination, for, it simply gives any traveller one-of-its-kind-experience with the enchanting mountains, seas and dense forests, gentle meadows, rolling hills, spectacular fjords, glacier lakes, picturesque vineyards and scented field of wild flowers!

Europe Destinations

Of course, you might have your pointers already back packed for why exploring Europe is your long-awaited dream, here’s a sneak peek into those perfect reasons that bind your excitement to relish the timeless charm of this destination!

The Medieval Age Architecture

As you read through the influential architectural character of Europe; from the spectacular Renaissance allure of Italy and the eye-catching Moorish remains of Spain to the splendid Gothic cathedrals of England and Central Europe, it is impossible to stop yourself falling in love with the dynamic structures that occupy an important status in the world even today! Europe, inevitably, not only boasts the greatest variety of architectural styles in the world but also makes a remarkable place for characterizing a good balance between buildings and open spaces!

Stand awe-stuck in Amsterdam, the city that holds an international importance in terms of modern designs, get back to history with Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, revive the few buildings of the classical, Hellenistic and roman period at Athens or embed yourself in the historic architectural movements of Berlin that portray huge intellectual legacy unbeatable many other cities in the world and London’s magnificent palaces intertwined with history and, of course last but not the least, the London Bridge that has, do and will always inspire your eyes!


A European trip stays incomplete without shopping! If only shopping would have a mouth to speak, it would have unraveled the stories of those exceptional experiences travelers had in world’s top fashion capitals falling in Europe. The lively streets full with shoppers in Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan countryside region like Provence makes this activity even more exciting than usual. Shopaholics dreaming to get here can just have a perfect souvenir of each part of this continent with endless choices for French perfumes, Italian designers, colorful flea markets, authentic crafts!

From the farmers markets at Notting Hill to the multicultural markets at Camden in London or delighting yourself in the mall shopping at Galeries Lafayette located centrally on Boulevard Haussmann with easy access to several metro stations in Paris to the disorienting maze of streets winding around La Butte Montmartre or simply heading to the Vicxite.A! The amazing array of boutiques for clothing, jewelry and shoes in the area around Piazza di Spagna, Rome and Afflecks Famous shopping emporium of Manchester in England is just going to take out the love for bargain being the epic high ‘street shoppers’ than those big label people!

The History

While there’s no better way to experience the abundant and palpable history of Europe than having a look at the London’s architecture, captivating the stories of the really old civilization, particularly in places like Rome (Athens) leave you astonished with the still living and breathing remnants of times long past filled with fascination! Unveiling the wisdom of Socrates while trekking up the Acropolis, getting lost along the cobblestone walkways of Prague’s Old Town or hiking among the UNESCO-accredited Italian fishing villages of Cinque Terre in Italy; the joy of this historical experience is all going to take the aficionado inside you back and deep into the date back around 2000 years ago!

Art & Culture

With its rolling hills, medieval splendor, fabulous cuisine, and timeless charm, Europe is known to have some of the fines theatres on the planet. This continent is home to the largest and most prestigious collections of art in the world and with the same you will feel an authentic century old traditions in rural Eastern Europe keeping the time still as it was then! With the rich holdings of European paintings, sculpture and decorative artwork from the middle age, you enlighten yourself to know the artistic context behind the creation. From classical to modern, each part of Europe unveils treasures of art; vintage yet colorful, ruined yet well preserved, inspiring millions of travelers with a unique cultural belief!

Activities To Do

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or nature lover, the excursions of Europe are no less to leave you enthralled with unlimited fun, adventure and thrill! Here goes the action pack; nothing can beat the paragliding of Austrian Tyrol, parasailing/water skiing/tube riding in Corfu, Greek is a delightful water based adventure, Swim, snorkel and sunbathe at your leisure in Turkey or Greece. The next comes bike riding in Amsterdam and mountain biking and hiking in Scotland! Save the best for last; adventure can never be more memorable than bungee jumping experience in Engelberg. It is just impossible to come out of that unparalleled beauty from sky to earth with fresh air embracing you all the way!

Food & Lifestyle

Needless to say, not just Europe prides itself with the most fashionable nightlife seen on the planet; it also offers an extraordinary experience to the die-heart foodies of the world! You simply cannot take yourself away from the Belgian beer, French cheese, Italian pizza or German bratwurst and ice wine.. Mouthwatering right? Yup, perfectly true I believe, some culinary experiences are best enjoyed in their countries of origin and that is why rustling up in Europe for that quintessential taste experience is a must if you love to spin around the world experimenting specialty cuisines!

Grab the best chocolate croissants and a coffee in Paris and watch the world walk by as you enjoy your perfect snack, the famous savory concoctions of meat and bread - Doner Kebab found on every street corner throughout the Europe, try a Nutella crepe in France or using it on those famous Belgian waffles in Belgium, and after the versatile chocolate hazelnut spread evoking your taste buds, experiencing the ‘real’ Gelato in Italy!

Beside the other reasons to visit any country, one important factor that can strike you the most is the lifestyle! The idea of living various European lifestyles depending on the country you are in exemplifies how perfect your decision to plan a trip to Europe is! You can just feel free and relaxed making the most of your trip enjoying the lifestyle here!

Europe Destinations

Certainly, you can see how royal a trip to Europe with its various options like All of Europe, Highlights of Europe, Mini Europe, Eastern Europe, London or Scandinavian Treats would be! However, what about the other destinations?

We want you to experience the best holidays and for the same, keep following our blogs to take a glance over the features of other destinations; next being Southeast Asia on 23rd March 2017!