Know Why Africa is Alluring for Your All Awaited Travel Break ! *Part-I*

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Apr, 6 2017 11:13

Which destination does your mind resemble to when I say ‘the world in one country’? Umm.. need any other clue? This continent is also known as the ‘Earth’s Hidden Gem’! Hey come on, it has to be quite obvious now.. the oldest inhabited continent on Earth, Africa is the paradise in disguise for that much awaited getaway..! With an increase in the popularity for tourism in this corner of the world, many passionate travelers now look forward to turn their dream travel break into reality amidst the great lakes, crystal blue beaches with pearly white sands, jaw-dropping flora and majestic wildlife and mountains within the borders of Africa!

While leisure is the main reason to take a break from the tiring modern schedules, it is also important to note down ideas that can help you make your trip more exciting, interesting and.. memorable! Well, this write up can undeniably be the perfect source to know which places to hit énroute intra-Africa with the reason what makes them alluring for travelers from other continents like America, Asia or Europe. So, here we go.. for those avid travelers dreaming about this destination as their next getaway..!


Seychelles - Treasure Trove 115 Island Hideaways

The Indian Ocean lands of 115 granitic and coralline islands, Seychelles are exceptional seaside destinations, boasting awesome rock formation complemented by sparkling water and fine sand beaches! The best part about landing on these islands is the complete absence of large crowds here. You will all want to engross in the tropical climate and laid back atmosphere with plentiful aquatic activities! The world underwater is indeed splendid to view those large pristine coral reefs while diving and snorkeling. After your inner adventuresome spirit gets contented in water, the lush green mountainous island slope awaits to entice you with some more inland pastimes. Seychelles also allows its visitors to spend their leisure time in markets and shopping venues after stumbling across the veritable kaleidoscope of colored bird life, mammals, amphibians and reptiles; from a giant Aldabra tortoise, the world’s tiniest frog species and many other small denizens that peek out from the vegetation.

Talk of food here and your mouth will surely start watering hearing about meals of Creole dishes! The oceanfront location sums up for delicious seafood and fish cuisine delicately flavored with culinary inspirations from other parts of the world, for, Seychelles reflects a multi-ethnic population of every nation on the earth. Though offering a unique, matchless and unforgettable island-beach experience, this place is the perfect choice to fit your pocket with that heavenly coastal setting unbeatable by any other place on the planet!

Botswana - Discover the Unspoiled Treasures

Being the shining star of the ecological gems found in Africa, you will find yourself in between diverse botanical and fauna species as explore the idyllic oasis of Botswana. This place allows you to traverse on vehicle, foot, boats as well as moroko (traditional hand-carved canoes) along the wild date palms, mangroves, acacias and other flora around. In addition to this, you will also see some beloved creatures like buffaloes, elephants, reedbucks, impalas, zebras, warthogs, hippos and other herbivores in the lush vegetation! The land is also home to lions, leopards, wild dogs, cheetahs, hyenas and a few more sly hunters. Seemingly, this place isn’t only adventurous but will also capture your heart with its spectacular settings and natural beauty that dwells more than 500 bird species filling the air with songs and wingbeats!

Besides the lagoons, floodplains and channels, the terrestrial excursions include rock art tour of Tsodilo Hills housing over 4,000 paintings by San Bushman. You can also take day trips to the majestic Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe or Chobe National Park to add perfection to your trip.

South Africa - Inspect Inspiring Attractions

South Africa falls under those few place where you can have a truly wholesome experience! It is the perfect combination of modern choice to explore the sustaining wilderness of Africa’s outback from Kruger to Sabi Sand, Madikwe, Phinda and Shamwari besides the famous international tourist attractions - Cape Town & Johannesburg! This corner of the world offers scenic landscapes one would love to get engaged in while capturing the untouched culture of this thriving and diversified economy. In terms of infrastructure, this destination rivals even the most cultured European locations thereby benefitting you with developed logistics, accommodation, security and service levels. With the same, you can also reap the fun of gastronomic tours, high-end fashions, stunning artwork and museum displays, divine shopping and much more! There are plenty of adventurous outdoors like world-class golf, scuba diving, shark dives, hiking, biking and bungee jumping that can occupy your rest of the time.

You would simply never want to come out of South Africa after trying the variety of wines amidst the mesmerizing settings of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. You just cannot imagine about the savoring delectable morsels of food. It amazingly awakens every taste bud in you and fulfills your senses in any which way you desire! Experiencing South African coastal metropolitan regions like Camps Bay, Durban to Clifton, Sodwana prove the most idyllic spots for solo travelers, couples, newlyweds, families as well as groups.

 South Africa

Looking forward to what more lies on your way in Africa? Uummm.. you may have to wait for it.. not too long but just the next week, after all, we atleast need two parts of the blog to cover the world in one country! Alluring Africa Part-II on 13th April’2017!   A little more to your African travel guide and you get set for the dream getaway to Earth’s Hidden Gem!!