Know Why Africa is Alluring for Your All Awaited Travel Break ! *Part-II*

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Apr, 13 2017 10:46

Okay.. So, the wait to walk in the wilderness of Africa is over! Here’s more to explore.. in some more exciting countries of this continent.. and fill your dream trip with more uniqueness..

Kenya Safari

Kenya - where Wilderness Exceeds every Expectation

If I had to name a place that promises breathtaking holidays in Africa, it would be Kenya, for, it is a land of diversity and beauty! No other place on Earth can beat the sound of millions of wildebeest, the spectacular view of zebra hooves thundering across open savannah plains or the tranquil white sand beaches of Diani, Galu, Malindi and Watamu that delights you with a sight of palm trees swaying in gentle ocean breezes like Kenya! Unimaginable is the Kenya safari experience which depicts an optimum balance between human-use and wildlife preservation.

Contrasting this setting is the relaxed and rejuvenating scenery of the pristine stretches of beaches edged by the azure blue waters of the warm Indian Ocean along the Kenyan coastline! You can spend leisurely time wandering here or venture out into the water for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, deep sea fishing and much more. Besides knowing the traditions, artwork and beliefs of the seaside towns, this county also intrigues you in historical sites such as Gede Ruins or Fort Jesus (demonstrating the longstanding history of both indigenous and international visitors that have contributed to the land of Kenya). You also stumble across the paleoanthropological site, Koobi Fora near Lake Turkana, popularly known as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’ while exploring Kenya!

Tanzania - Match Inimitable Experiences

Holding the centerpiece of your dream travel break in East Africa is this incredible destination, Tanzania! A mixture of experiences flawlessly blend your imagination with reality from the very moment you land here. You cannot resist immersing your eyes in the vast landscapes that were once frozen only in heartfelt photographs and now available right there!

Entice yourself in a thrilling experience where your heartbeat matches the rhythm of the Great Migration in Serengeti National Park. Next, that adventurer lying asleep inside will surely wake up when reached Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa with three volcanic cones. Places like Katavi, Gombe and Mahale prove perfect if you are someone who seeks an exceptional off-the-beaten path, away from crowds and into the wildlife battling grounds with mankind’s closest primitive relatives chimp-habitant highlands! The Zanzibar islands off the coastline are rich for its history, culture and exoticness! The green-blue waters of the Indian Ocean in parks like Mnemba, Mafia and Chumbe gift its visitors the chance to submerge in the bizarre and fascinating underwater realm of vivid corals and marine life. Altogether, Tanzania is the country that brings you home untold stories of the multi-facet experience expanding beyond the remote outback with a renewed spirit and vigor.

Mountain Gorilla

Rwanda - Observing Mountain Gorillas

The ‘land of a thousand hills’ offers its guests an extraordinary experience amidst mountain Gorillas! Travelers can embark on a gorilla trek in the oldest national park of Africa, Volcanoes National Park to discover the magnificent creatures and mark a once in a lifetime experience full of thrills and adventure! You are on one of the most awe-inspiring and poignant wildlife imaginable treats while trekking through the natural habitat to track the rare gorilla glimpses. You can also look ahead to the Lake Kivu, one of Africa’s great lakes to refresh yourself with a plethora of water-based activities. Besides this, Kivu is a major attraction for travelers from all around the world for its views of Nyiragongo - an active volcano displaying a glow of magma around its rim! Apart from the iconic African wildlife that boast glimpses of buffaloes, elephants, hippos, topi, bushbuck, impalas, crocodiles, hyenas, leopards and many others, this corner also has a huge terrestrial bush cover. Visiting the capital city of Kigali and its memorial center throws light over the history of Rwanda.

Other Miscellaneous Places

Africa certainly attracts adventure-centric travelers but these adventures are not restricted to only a few specific countries. You can equally or even more, enjoy in some other hidden gems of the Earth like Zambia, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Mozambique too!

Every corner of this continent is unique in itself. For e.g. it is difficult for any other place to beat the thundering yet mesmerizing experience of the Victoria Falls cascading 335 feet from a natural crevice in the Earth in Zambia. The safari in impenetrable forests of Uganda would perfectly capture your hearts even amidst the threatened species on Earth! Namibia showcases how beautiful desert landscapes can be! It is a feast for desert lovers to look forward to an array of uniqueness in the oldest Kalahari and Namib deserts. Zimbabwe is home to unimaginable bush destinations that foster dense plant life with moderate tropical climate. You will be lured by the gorgeous natural beauty and diversity seen at every turn in the iconic land of one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Last but not the least is Ethiopia, the country that engages you in a compelling story of human history and Ethiopia’s ancient past. You find religious and cultural influences in every part of the country from Lalibela to Omo Valley or Addis Ababa. To entice your taste buds are the hearty and satisfying culinary meals!


There would certainly be many other destinations you think as heaven to enjoy your dream getaway but travelling to Africa will steal your heart and return it with full of exceptional experiences! So, what's the thought? Let’s fly for it!!

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