Let Loose in the Magic of Southeast Asia!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Mar, 23 2017 11:43

When it comes to finding the most popular destination around the world, Southeast Asia often pops as an ideal answer for many backpackers! The stunning natural and historic attractions with tons of activity options accelerate the interest level of passionate travelers by planning a small getaway to places like Angkor Wat, Ha Long or Bali! The wanderlust for South Asian countries can be worth considering to tie knot to if you are looking forward to have an amazing experience amidst different people & unique lifestyle! And all those factors that make it amazing are;


Major Metropolises

This corner of the world is going to make you go crazy with exciting and fast moving big cities like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh or Kuala Lumpur. You will find the dichotomized old and new Asia special and intriguing for its futuristic sky scrapers around the corner from ancient temples and modern life against a backdrop of history and tradition. Besides the changes seen all over the world, Southeast Asia too witnesses a dose of adrenaline every time you plan to visit it. This also means whenever you want to plan your getaway to the Southeast Asian countries, you will find it different and new in terms of population explosion, an influx of advanced technology, foreign influence and renegotiations of government, i.e. the culture and physical landscape; all evolved in a much better way than before!

Ease of Travel

When your dream travel break takes you to the Southeast Asian corners, worry about getting in from one place to another can simply be kept aside! The infrastructure set up for guests allows them to commute within its countries very easy and comfortably. Budget airlines as well as finely developed bus and train networks are certainly going to leave you impressed in every manner they can! Also, apart from being one of the easiest and cheapest places to travel in the world, Southeast Asia is rich in technology.

Rich Culture with a Deep History

History here stumps a complete story with some of the oldest civilizations of the world to the ongoing process that change before your eyes! Yes, confusing though, you got it right.. You can scrutinize the beautiful structures and relics left by ancient societies from the Angkor to the Javans and Champa or the pagodas of Bagan that uncover worth exploring unpleasant yet epic warring, dreadful terror and protest experiences. Well, in contrast to these ruins, you can also gaze at thousands of perfectly maintained ancient temples depicting the rich, vivid & diverse culture of Southeast Asia. The traditions, languages, lifestyles, fashions, beliefs and customs will simply mesmerize you with its authenticity! You may just fail to help yourself falling in love with the unrivalled service and hospitality of South Asians featuring beaming smiles, bountiful waves and warm welcoming gestures.


Plentiful Fun & Activities

Along with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Southeast Asia also offers plentiful opportunities to its guests to party! You will find popular towns like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui or Koh Phangan make you tap your feet in the most unexpected way and lose yourself a little. Leaving beside the fun part, you can always count on the wonderful beaches of Bali, Malaysia or Thailand to rest and relax in a beachside hammock. As the beach season never ends, opting snorkeling or scuba diving while on these beaches can be a great idea to give perfection to your active-adventurous-leisure holiday break! Leave your inner side free to encounter those unique un-touristy places that are yet to be tumbledown by others.

Food & Weather

And.. though I fell short of words to describe the amazing cuisine, both on the street and in the restaurants of Southeast Asian countries, I have perfect of’em left to advice you one thing, rather make you aware, ‘be cautious before eating just anything!’

Southeast Asian countries witness infinite number of climates to cope up with the varied mountains, beaches, religions or cuisines! You will not just be surprised but also shocked with the varying weather patterns, so much so that even within the same country at times! Keeping a track of the high and low seasons of popular destinations here can be useful to plan your trip but immersing yourself in the fun and letting what comes can entwine a more unique experience !


You never know what’s just around the next corner on your dreamt travel break to Southeast Asian regions! As the countries of this corner of the world have become a popular and inexpensive destination for everything you wish, you get to spend quality time for yourself away from the typical humdrum. A little more of the travel homework can help you find amazing areas a majority of crowd has just missed. Step a couple of feet off of the backpacker trail and experience the real magic of exploring thereby embracing solitude at its best!


While discovering Europe is healthy-wealthy trip, this destination helps you keep a control over your pockets. Well, isn’t this like a cherry on the cake? Without struggling to arrange money yet enjoying a royal trip to countries like Malaysia, Laos or Vietnam is definitely a one-over-all factor to hook up with Southeast Asia for your next travel break! Imagine the perfectness of travelling more indeed when the overall costs gets reduced drastically.. You can simply embrace limitless joy while not being stressful about expenses here.


May there be highest number of things to go wrong while backpacking, don’t let them ruin your plans! There’s nothing that doesn’t’ have an easy solution and hence, going with the flow certainly makes you open to changing plans on whim to partake in a new adventure.. an adventure that can turn into one of the most incredible trips of life.. the life that wants to drive away to an exotic destination.. and..

hey, you got it right with the flow! Did the heart to your mind whisper_S o u t h e a s t  A s i a_ calling ?!!?

wait.. I have sweet-spicy surprises of many more corners of the world and trust me, you going to love them ;)

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