Rann Utsav: An Ethnic Connection to a Diverse Culture!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Nov, 16 2017 17:43

The glistening white panorama of white sands across the blue horizons is a feast to one's vision. Well, what you think, which place does this line describe? Oh, if you have already guessed, it's great but if still in doubts, here's the answer- “kutch nahi dekha toh kuch nahi dekha”

Rann Utsav - 2017

The Indian state, Gujarat is blessed with countless attractions rightly ranging from the Gir National Park to the Laxmi Vilas Palace, Vijay Vilas Palace, Prag Mahal, Aaina Mahal, Uparkot Fort, Adalaj Stepwell, Rani Ki Vav and finally the magnificent White Desert- Rann of Kutch! It is one such place known to be geographically the most unique and culturally, the most dazzling than any other part of India. Above this, one event that makes this place a must-visit, especially during the months of December, January and February is ‘RannUtsav'.

Organized by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited, this celebration mainly portrays the life of people here. It is an attempt to connect to the locals and understand the ethnically diverse district of the Gujarat state. The three month long celebration offers you several activities from hogging, shopping, enjoying cultural shows and performances and extends your delight of planning the trip on full moon dates by letting you hold the best glimpses of the eternal beauty of moon on Earth..!

In order to add spark to your memories of staying in Gujarat during the Rann Utsav, here’s a must-to-do list of activities to please the festive beast in you!

Living in Tents/Bunga

Trying the amazing lifestyle of spending a day-night in tents on the white sand is truly no less than heaven! You can also try the ethnic huts called ‘Bunga’- much suitable for urban tourists. Be it premium, deluxe, AC or non-AC ones, the experience of living in a tent city with countless luxurious facilities is a perfect blend of traditional and rustic with modernity under one roof!

Star Gazing

This activity allows you to gaze the beauty of the seamless sky on those perfect nights on the wide spread open land in Gujarat. It’s just amazing! You will certainly start losing sense of time under the exquisite canopy of twinkling and sparkling stars observed through telescopes. The unbeatable replication of the moon-washed salt desert too is incredible.

Rann Utsav - 2017

Embrace Adventures

Arrangements for guests such as Para Motoring, ATV, Rifle Shooting Archery, Bunjee Jumping, Trikke and such more opportunities give an adventurous twist to this cultural festival. Let the adventurer inside you explore multiple reasons for you to stay a little longer in the Kutch Rann Utsav!

Enjoying Indoors

For all those who wish to spend their time inside, we have a plethora of indoor games like Pool and Chess. There’s a special Kids Zone dedicated to all the fun activities your kids would love to fall in love with too while you are busy playing the indoor games in Rann’s Club House!

Rejuvenation in Spa & Meditation Hall

And after all that eventful day, come to the Spa Center to release your tiredness and exhaustion of exploring the extensive land of Kutch in bright sun and cold weather. Not just your body but the soul too attains peace and reconciliation when the experts lay their magic on you here!

Spectacle Exhibition and Cultural Shows

The flatbed of endless white sand wraps you around vibrant, culture, past and traditions and makes you feel the heartbeat of Kutch in Rann Utsav. Besides the sightseeing, food or activities, the gorgeous evening performances by the local artists totally soak you in its charm! The melodies and tunes touch your heart and stay immortal in your soul!

Rann Utsav - 2017


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