Time to Tick off the Australian Trip on your Bucket List!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Apr, 20 2017 11:59

Make your trip happen.. to the destination.. you have always dreamt about.. Yeah, a little madness in nature’s lap is never a bad idea.. and of course, not at all bad when it takes your wanderlust to a continent like, AUSTRALIA !!    Here’s the perfect gate to understand why this destination is perfect for your next getaway before actually hopping onto the trip with your peers!

Australia at its Best!

Aquatic & Coastal

Well, to start with, I would say, Australia is the ultimate dream destination for water-lovers! Landmarks such as Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Sydney Harbour in New South Wales and Tasman National Park in Tasmania do make it an attraction for travellers but going beyond these iconic destinations to explore spectacular coastal journeys would be the perfect makeup for Australia’s repertoire of aquatic experiences. The mouthwatering array of activities on coastlines indulges you in the tasteful islands thereby comforting you with the luxury in the luscious white sand and pristine marine life!

The Kangaroo Island is a dreamlike beach where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful crescents, seal-occupied crags and enhance the exoticness with a drive through the rolling pastures and rugged bush-land! These comforts with a mesmerizing view extends to Ningaloo too where you can plunge into the ocean and explore the world’s largest fish - the whale shark! This island is also home to the planet’s largest coral fringing reef. Unwind in an unspoiled locale at the Lord Howe Island barefoot with an exhilarating day walkup the highest peak here! Needless to say about the Great Barrier Reef giving you an insight of the kaleidoscopic fishes and coral..!

You can also lineup at Uluru to get engrossed in the absolute silence and capture the exclusive sights from dawn to sunrise. Don’t miss the chance to view the popular Sydney harbor attractions in a seaplane! Nothing can beat the romantic sail over Canberra in a hot-air balloon, the grand soar over the Great Ocean road via a helicopter and a spectacular canoe trip through the Katherine George to experience something that even the best of words would fail to describe..!

Nature & Wildlife

The unique wildlife is a major drawcard for visitors to make this destination their dream getaway from the hustle bustle life! You find many exotic species of animals and birds while exploring the public as well as private zoos and wild sanctuaries here. Close encounters with these creatures on special tour plans adds to the adventure level while seeing koalas, kangaroos, wombats and many other amazing animals in their natural habitat!

Well, since we landed on the word, natural habitat, let’s scream it out loud! The diverse landscapes of Australia have always lured travellers from all around the world since time immemorial. The great walks into Australia’s environment from Tasmania’s pristine wilderness to the rugged outback of the Northern Territory, or the stunning coastline of Western Australia contrasting to the rainforest hinterland of Queensland is an amazing way to embrace the continent’s great natural outdoors!

Australia’s vast areas of natural and pristine environment have attracted many world heritages too! The continent houses a total of 19 UNESCO sites which includes some of the oldest rainforests on earth and around one-third of the world’s protected marine areas like the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics of Queensland, which includes the Daintree Rainforest; the Greater Blue Mountains in New South Wales; the Northern Territory's Kakaduand Uluru/Kata Tjuta National Parks; and a few National Parks in Western Australia besides the Ningaloo Coast.


The high quality of life of the Aussies makes this destination a wonderful place to live in. The friendly nature of the inhabitants here would steal your heart! The vibrant art scene, the charming laid-back atmosphere and the cultural diversity backed up with a welcoming nature is the perfect combination anybody desires. To add to this is the relaxed way of life, liberal thinking and a [passion for outdoor activities that make Australia top the bucket list of many travelers for their next getaway!

The nightlife too sees various colors and is a treat to pamper yourself with. You find fine-lined shopping areas like the Salamanca Market, harvest, Reliquaire, Deloraine Creative Studios, Third Drawer Down, Rusty’s Markets, Strand Arcade and many more pick up the best artworks, clothes, accessories, ceramics and woodwork, antiques, veggies, fruits, locally grown flowers and much more! The Aussie lifestyle also fills itself with varied hues of entertainment too!

Food & Wine

 The freedom and creativity reflected through food and wine in Australia will help you understand why no other corner of the world can beat eating lifestyle experienced here! It is simply impossible to get the fresh and innovative flavors, exciting ingredients and variants of the fusion food available in Australia in any other part of the world. You are gifted an ultimate food and wine experience amidst the stunning weather, outstanding natural beauty and outdoor dining lifestyle in every part of this continent from Queensland to Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

Try the extraordinary native ingredients with the classic Cantonese dishes, molasses-glazed beef with saltbush, native berries and leek, cuttlefish, oyster crème and sea lettuce emulsion in Billy Kwong and Biota restaurants of Sydney and Bowrai respectively. Treat your taste buds with the local lager and Feral Mixed Grill of kangaroo fillet, emu, camel sausage and creamy mash with a red wine and pepper leaf glaze, followed by a quandong crumble pie at Flinders ranges! A gloriously sweet and sour assembly of lillypilly, Illawarra plum, poached quandongs, candied rosella flower, muntries, riberries and Davidson’s plum awaits you at Attica in Melbourne.. Oh, the variety is never ending here!

Discovering most famous wine regions is a treasure hunt in itself! Right from the legendary Barossa, to the Adelaide Hills, and Clare Valley, the gastronomic tour of Australia stays incomplete without a stroll through these amazing cellars! Few other popular places to try the best wines produces are Margaret River, Barossa Valley, Yarra Valley and Hunter Valley. The gourmet & wine festivals throughout the year are a perfect medium to experience specialty wines like Riesling, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, semillon, sauvignon blanc, merlot and shiraz wines.

Australia at its Best!

It isn’t about traveling to any destination, it’s about feeling the journey through every ounce of it! Planning your trip with tour operators like Go Disha reflects a diverse perspective yet a connective spirit to immerse in the best lifetime experiences while exploring any corner of the world!!