United States of America, the Perfect Destination to Fall in Love with!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Mar, 30 2017 12:56

It is well said that, there comes no right time to travel! You always have a bunch of escapes like I am not ready, my fear is holding me back, my friends are not available to join me or the best, my travel plan has too many obligations to hit the road now. Well, deep inside we all know how badly we need that break and how desperately are we waiting to get along that dreamt destination! The world is certainly no-small to offer a big range of dream destinations for passionate travelers; from Europe to Southeast Asia to Africa and Australia or say, the USA, there are endless reasons to add these destinations to our bucket list!


Here are some awesome reasons you would love to keep a note of if heading up to USA for your next getaway is all on your mind:

Incredible Infrastructure

Good infrastructure not just defines the condition of roads and bridges but also the transportation facilities on airports, seaports and rail lines. The combination of great infrastructure with sound utilities in US states like Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Minnesota, Texas and many more will leave you awestruck! With many other places encountering huge issues related to this factor, sliding in from one corner to another in USA will be at absolute ease and comfort!

Heartfelt History

United States holds a rich history be it political, cultural, economic or educational. How can one forget the great World War II where USA was the most important participant! Well, being specific, let’s start with Boston, the home to the first large free municipal public library, the first subway system, the first public school and the first public park. You integrate classic with the contemporary offerings in Boston. In contrast to this, the city of southern efficiency and northern charm, Washington DC is filled with picturesque national landmarks like the White House, Washington Monument & Natural History Museum. Visitors here also fall for the exciting transition seen in the nation’s capital from government-driven town to a thriving cultural hub! Needless to mention the importance of ultimate historical heritage, the Statue of Liberty!!

Fabulous Food

All those foodies reading this write-up, be ready to brace yourself by the cuisines from around the world available in the United States. Being the melting pot of cultures, this place has all those characteristics that will take your taste buds to one another level! From the endless varietals of wine produced in California to our favorite barbecue in Texas style, cutting edge cocktail innovations & beers of the Big Apple, world-class triple threat of deep-dish, Chicago dogs and Italian beef in Illinois, foodie-centric Oregon offering artisanal donuts, third wave coffee, chicken wings covered in fish sauce and delicious Washington oysters! The list goes on and on!!

Cheerful Countryside

May famous cities like New York or LA steal the limelight, you will love the bunch of the other entities falling into regions like Wyoming, San Diego or Montana! Featuring fast paced life otherwise, a sneak peek into these underrated series of micro-cultures politically bound together by a common set of principles can be a delightful choice to bump into! Another benefit of escaping the major cities and venturing countryside can be uncommon prices.. you would never want to move away from those budgetary hotels, tons of couch-surfing opportunities, inexpensive restaurants serving epicurean food!

Mesmerizing Music

If I had to pen down greatest music destinations of the world, American cities, certainly, would be topping the list. Hub of the music industry, your feet cannot resist dancing on every single beat of music with the contemporary acoustic encounters in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Nashville, Austin, Seattle and Atlanta! Music buffs can hit numerous jazz clubs, the Greek theatre, Hollywood bowl, largo, the historic Music Row and the Country Music Hall of Fame, Austin city limits or Showbox, Crocodile and Sub Pop store highlighting grunge for a more intimate experience of diverse types of music!

Luxurious Lifestyle & Cozy Culture

While exploring America and each factor associated with it is fun and experience like no-other, never-before, lifestyle and culture here is just too impressive! The country is driven by a desire to be rich and famous. Such a desire has given birth to numerous personalities in different sectors thereby inspiring the world to follow American’s perception. You can synonymize United States with the phrase, the bigger the better! It is a land of Giants being twice as big and three times as loud as any common human being of the world.

Wow! Isn’t is admirable? Oh come on, down there in one small corner of your heart, you too wish to scream aloud and live crazily with your squad. No more keeping the craziness inside; this big-huge-gigantic destination is the perfect place to engross with weirdness!


I know.. I know.. your thoughts already flew to this dreamt destination and have started strolling around the beautiful and vibrant United States of America but hey, come back.. planning your getaway with Go Disha can be the perfect way to reminisce the unforgettable memories of your trip for a lifetime!

Though these blogs are just a medium to understand any destination before heading up, it would be your Travel Memoirs that pen down your valuable experiences! If your wanderlust demands yet more choices to determine the perfect destination for the dream getaway, catch up with our future blogs, next being Delightful Dubai on 6th April’2017 to plan a trip as precious as your dreams!