Why Europe Tours Operators include Amsterdam in their Itinerary?

by GoDisha

 Posted on Thu Aug, 30 2018 14:46

Amsterdam, the Canal City, lies on the bank of River Amstel in Netherland. The banks of the canal are flourished with old mesmeric architecture along with 21st century Iconic Buildings which remarks them into the itinerary of leading Europe Tours operators. Below are a few sights which you will find across any itinerary.

Canals of Amsterdam:

Amsterdam, originally a small fishing village emerged one of the most important ports during the Dutch Golden Period. To this date, the Port of Amsterdam remains the second in the country and the fifth largest seaport in Europe. Enormous immigration along the ports created load on water transport which was the reason for the creation of Canal System called Grachtengordel. This Canal System is a web of canal's emerging from four major canal's which comprise the main Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Jordaan. The canal is a neighbourhood of various Ancient Gothic Structures, Monuments and Modern Buildings with interesting stories behind them. People feel mesmerized when the pass below series of artistic overhead bridges across the canals


Anne Frank House:

Located aside the beautiful canal of Prinsengracht, lies the Anne Frank House which was the residence of great writer and diarist Anne Frank. The House is now conserved as the museum which will show the glimpse of the life memories of Anne Frank. Her writings include the famous "The Diary of a Young Girl" which documents the Jewish girl's life hiding from 1942 to 1944, during the period of the Hitler's Nazi Force Occupation over Jewish People. The Museum Exhibit's hiding place of Anne Frank and place disclosing Nazi persecution with her and her family. It is the most visited museum of Netherlands thereby remarking itself in Itinerary of Europe Tour Operator.



Located at the south of Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum is the largest museum which Top 100 Dutch heritage sites of Europe. With more than 8000 things related to display for arts and history which recreate memories of great artist’s Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Johannes Vermeer who crafted them. The museum has a library which reveals the information, thought and thinking’s behind the artwork and thereby the Artist. The architecture of Rijksmuseum comprises two squares with an atrium at the Centre with a central axis of museum having a tunnel with the entrances at ground level. It is estimated that museum remarks visit of around 2 million visitors each year which enlist it in the itinerary of Europe Tours Operators.


Euronext :

Euronext Amsterdam is a stock exchange evolved from Amsterdam Stock Exchange, after merging of the Brussels Stock Exchange, the Paris Stock Exchange to Euronext. The Mother Stock Exchange is Amsterdam Stock Exchange 1,143 investors subscribed for over ƒ 3,679,915 which is equivalent to €100 million in Today’s Money. In 1978, When the European Options Exchange (EOE) established, around 25 largest companies constituted the trade on the stock exchange. During 1997 the Amsterdam Stock Exchange merged with EOE merged with a revolutionary change of blue-chip index was renamed AEX, for "Amsterdam Exchange".

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