About Go Disha

About us 

Dear Guest,

Thank you for choosing us to be a source of pure joy, happiness, pleasure and fond remembrances for you and your family time and again. With immense humility we would like to announce that as global tour and travel operators we have happily hosted over 50,000 satisfied guests for over twelve years now. And would love to continue doing the same with your continuous support and overwhelming patronage.

Travel – for us is all about ‘experience’. Experiences to be felt, enjoyed and lived. It’s not about the number of travel destinations that one has visited or the number of days that one has spent at each of those destinations, but it is all to do with what one has experienced each day when visiting a travel destination. When you travel with GoDisha we make each day of your travel count, make your trip eventful and ensure that you have experiences which are worth remembering for a life time.

Holidays are like oasis in a world full of stress and pressures. Whether one works, runs his own venture or studies – everyone needs to take a break, a holiday. And we promise our guests holidays which are so revitalizing and energizing that on returning they feel completely refreshed to resume their respective work. For this same reason, the mission statement of our company is ‘to develop a taste for holidaying in the hearts of our guests’. Where through our innovative holiday ideas and impeccable service we develop a taste for fine travelling and rejuvenating holidays in the hearts and minds of our guests. So, that they long for yet another holiday experience with us.

A thorough research for the best hotels, accommodations, locales and sightseeing is done by us before bringing to you the most memorable holiday experiences. We apply innovative ideas to keep our guests engaged and entertained at every cost. Whether waiting for the food to be laid at a restaurant  or whether a restriction on venturing out of the hotel after sunset, each otherwise not so attractive situation is converted by us into an enjoyable opportunity to play games or light a bonfire and dance around it. And our guests love them completely. All in all we give our guests non-stop fun and enjoyment. Each guest for us is like a baaraati at an Indian wedding – we take extreme care of their comfort, we pamper them and make each feel happy, content and special. Our focus always remains you—our guest.

We cater to both Group Tours as well as Custom Tours. We conduct successful group tours to global travel destinations. Our group tours are great hits with our guests due to their well-planned itinerary, economic viability and guaranteed picnic-like enjoyment. We also operate custom tours as per the tastes and requirements of our guest. 90% of the times our tour operators personally go to destinations to handpick the hotels and gather experiences before chalking out a custom tour for the guest.  As a matter of fact, we offer a bouquet of tours which cater to all sections of society, to different budgets, tastes and necessities.

We take pride that each of our tour operators are more like hosts or anchors looking after all your needs, fulfilling all your desires and making all your dreams come true. They are highly enterprising and resourceful and will facilitate a holiday experience promising an emotional high.

At GoDisha we have envisaged a vision to spread the taste of holidaying, continue it, viral it. Our holidays give our guest emotional happiness and satisfaction, so that they keep coming back to us for more.  We are committed to provide our guests’ value oriented services, thus etching a name for ourselves and setting benchmarks in the industry.

It’s all about travel and fun…….come holiday with GoDisha.