Avoid Unhealthy Trips with A Healthy Snack-Pack this Summers!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu May, 11 2017 11:43

The modern day slavery comes in disguise of earning a living thereby sweeping away the importance of making a life. Taking breaks and spending time with family or friends is an uncertain idea in the forwarded times. Never do we get any certain time to set out for those desired plans, be it in winters, monsoons or summers! Summers in India, especially Mumbai, are terrific. Though the days are sunny outside, it is difficult to stay motivated and productive during the summer months!

Well, this calls out for the perfect time to go on vacation and escape the hot summers! While hitting the road ideally breaks the stress cycle, brings in mental peace and refreshes the healthy mind, let’s not let it take a toll on your body by ingesting unhealthy junk food. So, along with your bags packed, cool shades stuffed, comfy flip-flops and other holiday essentials, also note down the following list of snacks to escape hunger and appease those culinary blasts in a healthy manner whenever wherever you are!

Go for Energy Bars instead of Candy Bars

Protein Bars

We are all mesmerized by the magic candy bars have on us since childhood and also know that the charm would inevitably last forever! However, replacing your favorite candy bar with an energy or granola bar can boost your protein and fiber intake while avoiding the sugar trap that creates fatigue while driving.

Drink Healthy Beverages

Healthy Beverages

Gulping down sport drinks, soda or fruit drinks not only lead to excess calorie consumption but also makes you lazy over your exciting trip! I’m sure you would never want that to happen, after all, this getaway is to have fun and make a life from the living earned. You can hook up with as much as water, seltzer, 100 percent vegetable juice and 100 percent fruit juice as alternatives to unhealthy beverages.

Skipping the Chips over Nuts is a Great Choice!

Healthy Nuts!

Well, obviously the charm of junk food is never off our minds. However, if your taste buds crave for something salty and crunchy en-route the trip, put away the ruffles and pop open a container of nuts to satisfy the gastronome inside you! Small proportions of peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds or seeds such as pumpkin or sunflower are all worth skipping those junkie chips!

Consume the Classic Combination - Cheese & Crackers

Yummy Cheese & Crackers

What better than a protein with whole-grain combination satisfy your hunger as well as keep you healthy for a long-haul! This sweet-salty combination proves to be a healthy alternative to enjoy protein, fiber and vitamins rather than strolling around unhealthy food in unfamiliar areas!

Choose Yogurt as your Forever Friend!

Mouthwatering Yogurts!

To kids or adults alike, yogurt proves to be a great snack to your daily nutritional intake thereby keeping your digestive system run smoothly as well as controlling blood pressure levels in different regions. You can carry it in a travel-friendly tube, blend into a low-fat smoothie, or mix with fruit and granola and keep it in a lidded storage container in the cooler!

Put On your Baking Cap and Bake Away

Biscuits! Cookies!! Muffins!!!

Baked items from biscuits, cookies to muffins being travel-friendly can be a few good picks while enjoying the journey. Chances of these snacks getting spoiled are least and hence, can be a perfect choice to escape hunger! Just ensure that you store your fondness for your favorite goodies properly to enjoy them for a longer time.

Being keen to explore as much as possible at the fastest speed is an obvious trait of human nature. However, it makes you feel tired soon and often results in knocking down the fresh-You. So, just like taking breaks on your trip becomes essential, healthy snacking too plays an equally important role to let the energy levels and excitement stay high all your way with GoDisha!