Inspirational Stories that Bred your Favorite Belgian Chocolates!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Jun, 15 2017 11:06

Can you guess; which is the most popular country of Europe and indeed, the world for chocolates? Oh, that was an extremely easy answer if you said Belgium! Known for its delicious chocolate worldwide, the word ‘Belgium’ occupies a special place in millions of minds & hearts when resembled to ‘Chocolate’. Mixture of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls resulting in a rich texture and boundless creativity has made every chocolatier from this part of the world gain an impressive status in the chocolate industry! You will find unbeatable innovative concepts backed by unbridled passion of artists with surprising designs and amazing flavors when it’s all about Belgian chocolates! Well, all those chocolate aficionad Read More

Sipping a Cup of your Favorite Tea in the Queen of Hills!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Jun, 1 2017 11:36

If you are a Mumbai resident and if asked about one thing that can invigorate your senses, it wouldn’t be anything else but the epic drink you get at every end of the lane, the TEA.. Yes, isn’t it fair enough to synonymize Mumbai with the ultimate ‘cutting chai’ that leaves you refreshed whenever-wherever-whatever the situation is! and.. imagine enjoying that sip of tea in monsoons.. Of course, majority of tea lovers have already started recollecting those beautiful memories of sharing the ‘tapri ki chai’ time with friends and loved ones. It is hard to find anything better than those deep conversations with friends, futuristic discussions with colleagues or exchanges of lovely emotions with someone special over a tea. So, when nothing goes right in li Read More

Avoid Unhealthy Trips with A Healthy Snack-Pack this Summers!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu May, 11 2017 11:43

The modern day slavery comes in disguise of earning a living thereby sweeping away the importance of making a life. Taking breaks and spending time with family or friends is an uncertain idea in the forwarded times. Never do we get any certain time to set out for those desired plans, be it in winters, monsoons or summers! Summers in India, especially Mumbai, are terrific. Though the days are sunny outside, it is difficult to stay motivated and productive during the summer months! Well, this calls out for the perfect time to go on vacation and escape the hot summers! While hitting the road ideally breaks the stress cycle, brings in mental peace and refreshes the healthy mind, let’s not let it take a toll on your body by ingesting unhealthy junk food. So, along with your bags packed, Read More