Easy Ways to Explore while it Pours!!

by GoDisha

 Posted on Thu May, 25 2017 10:55

As monsoon is often considered an off season to travel in India, it brings a perfect chance to plan that long-awaited trip to other parts of the globe! Yes, you can always jump off to those international destinations on your bucket list with great deals available everywhere. The best jingle you can stick to during this time of the year is, ‘Let it rain, let it pour. Don’t forget it’s the right time to explore!

Well, though a chunk of people make it up for those international trips then, many of us have to find happiness and fun within borders. However, dear peers, don’t underestimate the lust, green hills or paths in the misty climates over other parts of the world, for, they can indeed give you incredible experiences forever! While the best way to turn the unpredictable monsoon trips to easy and cozy getaway is contacting leading tour operators like GoDisha, here is a small check list to wade through the storm and stay safe:

Pack more synthetic clothes

Synthetic Clothes

Getting caught in the rain is a beautiful thought but becomes disturbing when your clothes get damped by the water and make moving uneasy. Hence, the best advice is to pack a handful of synthetic clothes that lead to dry faster.

Carry medicines and repellents

Medicines & Repellents

Monsoons are vulnerable to puddles and mosquitoes and other insects breeding on it. With this rampant, diseases too spread at a faster and higher rate. You would surely not like to fall ill and ruin the excitement to explore newer places! So, the best way to keep away any such situation is carrying repellents and important medicines.

Avoid street food & outside water

Say No to Outside Eatables

Falling sick amidst any trip is the most upsetting state of affair to deal with. Though all of us know that we have enough medicines to deal with it, let’s escape the very cause of this condition by avoiding street food and outside water during rainy season.

Check the weather report and news

Stay Updated with Weather Forecasts

Before exposing yourself to external atmosphere, one should always be careful of the climate pre-existing in the regions you wish to travel! It is important to keep a note of the news and weather updates to not fall prey to undesirable conditions while travelling to your favorite places!

Cover your technology

Protect Technology

Packing your bag properly is something that often comes to mind but using a waterproof bag is the most forgotten here! You happen to think about protecting everything but you’re your gadgets; Phones, MacBooks, iPads or Laptops. Don’t forget to get a zip lock bag for them!

Select the right footwear

Select Right Footwears

Who would not like a hassle-free excavation into the lush green dip of nature! However, imagine a pair of unfit, discomforting or wrong footwear restricting you to hit the road. . Keeping away all the leather, fancy or expensive shoes and sticking to floaters or sandals is the wisest choice.

Monsoon would be a tricky season to travel but can become immensely enjoyable with GoDisha’s above mentioned monsoon travel trips! So, move with the flow of water from the skies!