Easy Ways to Explore while it Pours!!

by GoDisha

 Posted on Thu May, 25 2017 10:55

As monsoon is often considered an off season to travel in India, it brings a perfect chance to plan that long-awaited trip to other parts of the globe! Yes, you can always jump off to those international destinations on your bucket list with great deals available everywhere. The best jingle you can stick to during this time of the year is, ‘Let it rain, let it pour. Don’t forget it’s the right time to explore!’ Well, though a chunk of people make it up for those international trips then, many of us have to find happiness and fun within borders. However, dear peers, don’t underestimate the lust, green hills or paths in the misty climates over other parts of the world, for, they can indeed give you incredible experiences forever! While the best way to turn the Read More

In search of the Best Destination for your Next Getaway..!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Mar, 9 2017 11:24

How many times did you feel disheartened more than being joyous about a friend planning a trip, not far and wide but even for a nearby getaway? Certainly many or say most of the times! The reason behind this resentment is not because they are enjoying their life in a desirable way but for the reason that you too want to enjoy such a life.. and unable to do so, as you are busy making your life richer than memorable !! Well, the sad part is, people often get stuck in the hamster wheel working hard to just pay bills in spite of making smart spending decisions. Although saving more & more pennies has become an essential practice these days, the thought of an always-dreamt travel plan is never far! I am sure many of you reading this have already reached that special place prioritizing th Read More

Let the Getaway change You in a Larger Loftier Longer way !


 Posted on Thu Mar, 2 2017 12:12

In the modern world, you probably find everybody working all the time. Diligence and dedication are noble traits any individual holds on to. However, being a workaholic and keeping yourself intact in too much of work all the time also affects life in several ways. Thus, it is very important to give sufficient time to own-self and take a travel break from the tiring hectic schedules. Well, if I see the other side where may you believe that life going in a continuous sequence, without a break, does not really makes a difference, here are the reasons how breaking this sequence with a travel vacation can work miracles! Ensures Peace of Mind With very little difference between work and leisure, I hear some say they find leisure in their work and work becomes leisure gradually. Same Read More

How to plan your Tour to Thailand?


 Posted on Thu Nov, 19 2015 17:41

If you are going to plan your holidays in Thailand, then this Article will surely help you out. We have covered some points in this Article which will help you to know more about Thailand before going to plan your vacation. First of all I would like to tell you the basic reason to select Thailand for vacation. These are:- Why should I select Thailand for vacation? 1) As compared to other the countries, the cost of living in Thailand is much cheaper. The per day charges of Thailand's room is Rs.197 and guest houses & Hotel cost would be under Rs.1314. 2) The cost of Thai food is cheaper than Indian food. Street food vendors sell the dishes in less than Rs.65. You Read More

Where to go in South East Asia?


 Posted on Fri Oct, 16 2015 18:00

South East Asia is an outburst of the senses. Touch the sandy beaches, absorb the jaw-dropping spirituality of countless temples; solemn pagodas, deep spirituality and unique histories, and taste the delicious food. Our new adventures suit all budgets and tastes. Want to know which reliable DESTINATIONS travellers actually get about? Singapore Singapore, an island city-state of South East Asia, is packed with Universal theme park, spas, resorts, malls, restaurants serving a tempting mix of Asian and French cuisine, trekking in the highlands or exploring sacred caves and many more. You'll find historic sites like the Thian Hock Keng temple, superlative shopping (including gargantuan malls) and several beaches. And just because its mosaic of vibrant culture & eclectic lifestyle, Read More



 Posted on Wed Aug, 26 2015 15:52

Being flexible is a key Learn to anticipate for delays & try not to get upset when things go inevitably wrong. Patience is extremely important when traveling. List up About a week or so before each trip, make a mental list of items you don’t want to forget & one you can refer to later. Dont forget an extra camera battery. It must have happened with you at least a few times when you reach a certain scenic destination only to realize that your battery is dead. So don’t miss out on that perfect shot and carry some extra batteries. Take plenty of photos They make the best souvenirs! Keep an open mind You are a visitor. Be respectful. Don’t judge other customs. Always buy travel insurance  Read More