Guest Blog of The month - by Mr. Greeshm Kumar Sinha

by Mr. Greeshm Kumar Sinha

 Posted on Thu Jul, 28 2016 09:52

Mr. Greeshm Kumar Sinha

We were part of 16th June 2016 Popular Europe Tour.
First and foremost let me put my highest regards and appreciation for our Group Manager Mr. Prashant Ramraje. An excellent human being, blessed with wonderful singing talent, very jovial, capable of taking along people of all age groups, allowing full personal space to guests, knows when and where to intervene and make the coach atmosphere charged with full energy of dancing, singing, antyakshari, songs filled self-introductions, decent family jokes, and tickling of young members of the group.
My deep appreciation for our coach captain also who despite being unable to understand our language, was very cheerful, participative, jolly, and respectful person. His love for his job leaves lot to learn for any one. And we made him learn चालो चालो, जल्दी चालो, छोड दूंगा।
Popular Europe is a very well-crafted tour which combines visits to the placez related to history and French revolution, modern architecture and night life of Paris, ultimate natural beauty of Switzerland and Liechtenstein, snow peaks of Mt Titlis - and if you were lucky like us you can get a snowfall also, the dream come true Venice ( the वो कश्ती वाला क्या गा रहा है, the Dante, Da Vinci, Michelangello and Monalisa's Florence, and Tower of Pisa, full time for wonderful and imposing Vatican and end of it the Collisium. Iced with last dsys shopping at Mall. Uff. Can't ask for more. Good value for money.
Very Appropriately timed. You get neither more nor less. You finish before you are tired and law of diminishing returns start taking over.
All evening dinners were simple, Indian, hot, tasty, and mostly served on table after a full days tour. Without qualification I may say that Tandoori served at least at one such hotel was probably the best i have ever had in any Indian hotel.
Hotels without fail were neat, cosy, comfortable, and at least at one place luxurious. Hotels chosen were with friendly staff and ambience.
To our good luck our group was homogenous, very lively, with lot of singing and dancing talents, respectful to each other, and as the time progressed, increasingly loving and caring.
Tour Manager Mr. Prashant and Couch Captain had excellent coordination and were accommodative beyond the normal call of courtesy and never lost their cool in some really extraordinary circumstances. We appreciate that.
There were some very well coordinated parties filled with dance and singing which lift the mood of the group.
End of it, a tour with excellent and sweet memories of places and visits, company, food, stay and of Mr. Prashant's care and courtesy.
Our special thanks to Mr. Prashant and Go Disha for making it possible.
Highly recommended.

by Mr. Greeshm Kumar Sinha & Family (went to POPULAR EUROPE on 16 Jun 2016 from Mumbai, Maharashtra )