How to plan your Tour to Thailand?


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How to plan you tour to thailand?


If you are going to plan your holidays in Thailand, then this Article will surely help you out. We have covered some points in this Article which will help you to know more about Thailand before going to plan your vacation. First of all I would like to tell you the basic reason to select Thailand for vacation. These are:-


Why should I select Thailand for vacation?

1)         As compared to other the countries, the cost of living in Thailand is much cheaper. The per day charges of Thailand's room is Rs.197 and guest houses & Hotel cost would be under Rs.1314.

2)         The cost of Thai food is cheaper than Indian food. Street food vendors sell the dishes in less than Rs.65. You can find variety of street food on Thai streets like Ice cream, pretzels, fried chicken, fried banana, fruits, papaya salad, Thai curries, noodle soup, Thai Desserts, Grilled Meats & Pad Thai. The fresh food will cost you less than Rs.85.

3)         Thailand night is the best night in the world. The main store, bars, restaurants, market will be open till late night on Friday. The Tor Kor, Street food and food markets are not to be missed out. At Mo Chit BTS or Kampheng Phet MRT Station opening hours of markets on Friday is between 11pm to 3 am.

4)         The main attraction of Thailand is the stunning Temples, beautiful beaches and best wild life. The beaches like Pattaya Beach, Railay Beach & Koh Phi Phi are the best beaches of Thailand. Apart from this, The Grand Palace of Bangkok, Coral islands & Gems Gallery, Nong Nooch Village, world's largest Buddha- Golden Buddha, Pai, Khao Yai national Park and Doi Suthep are the most visited places of country.


Visa to Travel in Thailand


Thailand is a country where you can get your Visa on arrival. You just have to carry 2 passport size photograph and fill a simple form; your Visa will be ready instantly.

Selecting Thailand for your holidays will be a best decision of your as you don’t have to face the hassle for Visa application.


What will be the best time to travel in Thailand?


The season of Thailand is perfectly classified in to 3 official seasons. Summer, Winter and Monsoon season.

1)         The Hot season of Thailand runs from March throughout to June, so that April & May are the hottest month of the year.

2)         The Cold season which is a best time to visit in Thailand begins in the month of November throughout to February.

3)         Lastly the Rainy season of Thailand starts either at the end of May or starting of June and it will be continued till October.    


  • Rainy Season-According to survey, you need to travel in Thailand as per your choice as all the seasons are enjoyable. If you like to see and enjoy your holiday with waterfalls and beaches then Rainy season will be the best for you.


  • Summer Season-If you want to enjoy your vacation truly then you can select the Summer season for vacation. In this season you have you most likely to be thankful for having air-conditioning in your hotel’s room or guest-house which tour agencies provide. The highlights of this season are “The Songkran festivities” in mid-April or the world famous “Thai Water Festival” will increase your excitement.


  • Winter Season- If you like to travel during winter season then you can enjoy the dry and cool atmosphere of Thailand. Throughout this season temperature at Bangkok would be between 18 to 32 degree Celsius while in north part of Thailand temperature at morning is between 8 to 12 degree Celsius.


Which will be the Best Places to visit in Thailand?


Grand Palace, Bangkok      

Beautiful, stunning Grand Palace, undoubtedly the city's most famous landmark, built in 1782 - home of Thai King – the Royal Court - just have a wide angle lense because you can’t avoid dazzling architecture and intricate detail - GRAND salute to the GRAND PALACE of Bangkok.

Tiger Kingdom:

Each human being having a unique dream like wants to touch the Tiger or play with him. If you have such unique dream then it will come true only at Tiger Kingdom of Thailand which is a best tourist attraction. Here is a chance where you can touch him, play with him and take best and memorable photographs with Tigers.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market:

Have you visited in a market to purchase goods?

If yes, then you must have purchased it from ground or shop which was established on ground. But in Thailand the market is quite different where goods are sold from boat and water transfer. This ancient system of selling and purchasing fruits and vegetables from small boat they named as “Floating Market”.

Chiang Mai Sunday Night Walking Street:

The Chiang Mai Sunday Market or Street Market is one of the biggest markets of Thailand. You can visit in market between 4pm till mid night. The Sunday night market increases every year and spreading many of the street sides it allows the shoppers to bargain with the vendor for good price you can see lots of tourists and guide together at Sunday night. You will find lots of verities stalls and shops of handicrafts products, shoes, jewelries, silk, papers, wood, metal, cloths and lots of foods.

Koh Lanta Island:

Have you saw the title song of movie “Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai” and “Housfull 2” song of “Do You Know”? The complete songs were shooted on beautiful beaches of Thailand.The district of Koh Lanta is consists of 4 islands. Mu Ko Lanta, Mu Ko Rok, Mu Ko Ngai and Mu Ko Haa which are the attractive itself.


Which will be the best food in Thailand?

 We are providing you the list of best and delicious food. The best Thai Dishes which you can have in Thailand when you will be there.


Pad Thai:

Pad Thai is a street food of Thailand it is made up of soaked and dried rice noodles. These noodles are stir-fried with eggs and Tofu after that flavored with sauces, Garlic, sugar, Chili Powder etc. Vegetables are also added like beans, coriander leaves and they served it with a piece of lemon.

Som Tam:

This is a most famous dish of Thai people especially in north part of Thailand. This is also called Papaya salad as they are using Papaya in preparation. This spicy salad is made up of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, peanuts & tomatoes. They also aided fried egg, slice of grilled beef, pork sausages, noodles and salad etc. Normally they served it with grilled chicken or gluey rice. This salad is good for health as it is full of protein and contains very less quantity of fats.

Tom Kha Kai:

This is a Thai Chicken soup. It is prepare with coconut milk. They also include lemon grass, ginger, lime leaves, corianders, chili peppers & straw mushrooms etc.Tom Kha Kai can also be made with mushroom, pork and seafoods.


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