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by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Mar, 9 2017 11:24

How many times did you feel disheartened more than being joyous about a friend planning a trip, not far and wide but even for a nearby getaway? Certainly many or say most of the times! The reason behind this resentment is not because they are enjoying their life in a desirable way but for the reason that you too want to enjoy such a life.. and unable to do so, as you are busy making your life richer than memorable !!


Well, the sad part is, people often get stuck in the hamster wheel working hard to just pay bills in spite of making smart spending decisions. Although saving more & more pennies has become an essential practice these days, the thought of an always-dreamt travel plan is never far! I am sure many of you reading this have already reached that special place prioritizing their travel bucket list by now.. and with the same thinking when this dream would turn true..?!!?

So, let’s see what answers come when we ask,

if given a week (free from all your stressful schedules and busy life), where would your travel desires take you ?

Europe ?

The first overseas escape that captures mind is Europe, the country with a never ending journey to discover! Right from Spain to Finland, Denmark to Greece and everywhere in between, planning a dream Europe tour with the best group holidaymakers is the one of the best ideas to enjoy a summer trip! There is so much to see on the continent that you will always feel like coming back for many more trips in Europe and explore each of its countries and landmarks separately!

The national parks featuring unique terrains, breathtaking views and endless activities of Europe with famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are the perfect getaways to take in some history and get lost in the continent’s enchanting beauty !!

The United States of America (USA) ??

USA takes your mind to the dream life you always wanted to live and enjoy! This place is a destination where one can take a deep insight into self and get close to fulfillment of dreams with the desirable freedom and lifestyle of choice. Though a little expensive, visiting the United States of America and its world-famous cities LA or NYC is all worth the marvelous memories you gonna collect!

Be it hiking the gorgeous snow-topped mountains or hanging out in Hawaii or relaxing in Cape Town and diving the Pacific coastal drive, you just can’t stop yourself getting immersed in the scenic breakthroughs of every part of this continent on your dreamt short vacation to explore unique national parks, a diverse geography, culture, music, and great regional food of USA !!

South East Asia ?

Itinerary planning is a daunting task and hence, no better way than approaching the top tour operators can help one get rid of this complex beast! Backpacking trail through Southeast Asian Treasures contains a quite uniform plan Starting in beautiful Thailand, making its way to up-and-coming Laos, through Vietnam, and the temples of Angkor Wat, partying in the Thai islands and moving down to into Malaysia and Singapore!

Yes, you are always free to customize your dream trip to this great place but remember, you won’t get a better season than the summers to walk around the busy shopping streets of Bangkok, hike the jungles, dip your taste-buds in the amazing food, fall in love with Bali and the list goes on and on for Southeast Asia !!

United Arab Emirates (Dubai) ??

The most desired stopover destination of every next traveler, Dubai, the capital of the seven United Arab Emirates, is a city that conjures up plenty of heart throbbing options to fill your time and keep costs down as well, at the same time! This sums up to be the perfect place to plan your dream getaway to flock for sales bargain, sunshine and family fun. Housing famous attractions like Burj Khalifa - world’s tallest building, Jumeirah Mosque or Beach, Dubai aquarium and many others, this place is a fusion of many cultural highlights as well as glamorous modern add-ons.

Whether you wander around the Bastakia district or get into the museum or plan to shop in the Dubai mall and cruise from north (Deira) to south (Bur Dubai), the best part here remains is that exploring UAE is never as expensive as the of notion people carry in their mind!

Africa ?

Africa is just the most magical place to fall in love with! Its safari adventures, mountains, wineries, endless coastline and lively cities are perfect to keep you busy exploring it! The continent has a rich history, endless natural beauty and inspiring international culture to make it a dream spot for travelers from around the world. You will always wish to spend more time amidst the wineries and National Parks, drive the Garden Route, surf along the beach waves and explore the breathtaking caves and mountains and ah! what not.. the list goes on and on !!

Isn’t seeing the penguins always a fantasy? So, no more confusion then.. you know which is the right place to hit !!

Australia ??

Rightly one of the most popular destinations in the world, Australia seizes a traveler’s dreams with its camping, road trips, diving and incredible multi-day activity options available! Filled with unmatchable natural beauty from Uluru to the Outback, rainforests to pristine white sand beaches, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef, no wonder if you say you would never want to leave this place and get back! This country is also home to iconic man-made wonders like Sydney’s Harbor Bridge and Opera House, major tourist attractions. There’s always something new about this country to know more and which is why, Australia is a dream destination to get away off the world for a while !!

 Destinations around the World

No more downsizing of dreams now. Choose your favorite place, Pack your bags and Get set go! and.. if you are still to choose the right place for your short trip, Follow our blogs to Find the most appealing reasons to visit these continents; and Fly to the destination that mesmerizes you the most !!


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