Inspirational Stories that Bred your Favorite Belgian Chocolates!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Jun, 15 2017 11:06

Can you guess; which is the most popular country of Europe and indeed, the world for chocolates? Oh, that was an extremely easy answer if you said Belgium! Known for its delicious chocolate worldwide, the word ‘Belgium’ occupies a special place in millions of minds & hearts when resembled to ‘Chocolate’. Mixture of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls resulting in a rich texture and boundless creativity has made every chocolatier from this part of the world gain an impressive status in the chocolate industry! You will find unbeatable innovative concepts backed by unbridled passion of artists with surprising designs and amazing flavors when it’s all about Belgian chocolates!

Well, all those chocolate aficionados reading this, this blog is no similar like many others featuring Belgian chocolates. We have something different for you! So, if you already know the names of the famous Belgian Chocolate Brands, here’s the story behind those top chocolatiers!

Belgian ChocolateBelgian Chocolate


Thierry Noesen, the founder, believed in working towards a sustainable approach thereby developing the first organic/ecological chocolate factory in Europe! It not only embraced this great revolution in the regular pattern of consuming chocolates but also ensured highest hygiene levels are maintained with a constant search of new flavors and innovative ideas. The founder’s hard work and diligence helped Belvas get nominated to be the “greenest micro-enterprise in Europe” by the European Commission in Warsaw and won the EMAS award too. With several international awards, this brand is also rewarded the Belgian award of Future Generations in 2013.

Treasure fruity and spicy nuances of cocoa from Santo-Domingo, aromas of Peru, cane sugar from Paraguay and coconut from Sri Lanka as well as crunchy and tasty pistachios and hazelnuts of Murcia and Sicilia with Belvas!


First to open a modern bakery, the Wittamer family has been in the industry for almost 100 years now. Owning the title of Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium now, the sole motto behind Henri and Marie’s thoughts was to reinvest every single penny earned in the family business. Forming a perfect synergy allying modernity and tradition, the legacy is carry forwarded by their son and daughter with a perfect pinch of novel ideas and acute business sense in the 21st century!

Devoting life and soul to the success of the family business, the modern presentations of the 4 generations of powerful personalities include packed palette of everything designed to be enjoyed at its best; from tarts (invented by Marie) to pastries and patisserie (introduced by Yvonne), colorful wedding cakes and Café - the perfect tearooms!

Belgian ChocolateBelgian Chocolate


Established in 2007, this brand name is inspired by the Spices Bazaar of Istanbul replicating the association of Belgian chocolate and spices coming from all over the world. More of a learning institute to understand all the creations of the chocolate, the factory aims to organize and also successfully organizes visits and chocolate classes to make truffles, spiced chocolate bars and chocolate shapes since 2009. Trying different flavors of the melting chocolate with simple yet modern decoration at Zaäbar to celebrate any event of life is deliciously enticing.


Spreading the magic across chocolate aficionados, Mary’s chocolates occupied everyone’s favorite list since 1919. Mary Delluc, the founder, created a magic laboratory for overseeing the manufacture of the luxury chocolates according to traditional methods in her shop’s basement. This beautifully resulted giving birth to exceptional new recipes. Soon after becoming the supplier of the most coveted Belgian and French customers, the brand is awarded the title of “Certified Royal Warrant Holder of Belgium” amongst 2,000 chocolatiers many times, first being in 1942!

While each praline is created to produce the most carefully balanced selection of tastes, flavors, textures and appearances, you can perfectly coincide the royalty of Mary’s chocolates with the highly sophisticated hand-crafted boxes covered with plain silk or painted and available in all shapes and sizes!

Belgian Chocolate

Côte d’Or

One such brand that grounded its roots in 1833 soon began expanding its reach all over the country. With launch of the Codorette, a bar of milk chocolate filled with nougat and almonds and the famous Chokotoff, Charles Neuhaus remained true to the typical refined taste. Launching several new products to match the turbulent times, this brand has proved itself to be the one and only name for chocolate lovers with its powerful taste. You will find immense variety of chocolates such as Chokotoff, Les Bouchées, 86% Noir Brut, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Noir 70% cacao with caramelized cocoa nibs, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Lait Intense Mignonnettes, and many more available under Côte d’Or, a brand enduring refined chocolate sensations with cocoa beans!

Jean Galler

Born to a family of professional gourmets, Jean Galler carried the legacy of sweetness and indulgence of his grandfather who was a pastry chef. The young craftsmen stood out from the rest as he went on creating his name amongst others when it came to Belgian chocolate! Never ceasing to create and innovate, this chocolatier approaches uncompromising quality and a permanent search for taste with his dynamic entrepreneur and sense of perfection which also led him to bag the Belgian Royal Warrant Holder since 1994.

With being the first firm to create a dark chocolate enriched with 70% cocoa and precursors of high quality white chocolate, you will also find an extensive and colorful range of chocolate bars associated with the Galler chocolate factory. This brand stands as a trendsetter in inventing salted cuisine combined with chocolate or concerning wine-and-chocolate pairing!

Belgian ChocolateBelgian Chocolate


Adored across the nation for its exquisite chocolates and as experts on the art of roasting, blending, molding, tempering and decorating, Godiva has bought the Draps family to ultimate fame and huge success all over the country! This international brand scooped its most prestigious honor by fetching the tag of an official chocolatier to the Royal Court of Belgium. Strengthening the legacy with tireless work and unparalleled passion, Joseph, Pierre, Gaby and Eugénie made their way to be a global ambassador for Belgian gastronomy and chocolate craftsmanship and went on flourishing in different parts of the world!

Aren’t we deliciously addictive to chocolates and all we crave for is a sweet treat which becomes sweeter when it’s the Belgian way with Go Disha! So, next time you visit a specialized chocolate shop, don’t forget to remember us while picking up your favorite Belgian Chocolate Brand!