Sipping a Cup of your Favorite Tea in the Queen of Hills!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu Jun, 1 2017 11:36

If you are a Mumbai resident and if asked about one thing that can invigorate your senses, it wouldn’t be anything else but the epic drink you get at every end of the lane, the TEA.. Yes, isn’t it fair enough to synonymize Mumbai with the ultimate ‘cutting chai’ that leaves you refreshed whenever-wherever-whatever the situation is! and.. imagine enjoying that sip of tea in monsoons..

Mumbai ki Tapri Chai!

Of course, majority of tea lovers have already started recollecting those beautiful memories of sharing the ‘tapri ki chai’ time with friends and loved ones. It is hard to find anything better than those deep conversations with friends, futuristic discussions with colleagues or exchanges of lovely emotions with someone special over a tea. So, when nothing goes right in life, turn left and you’ll surely find a chaiwala nearby to perfectly lift up your world with his epic special masala-ginger tea!

Well, while sipping tea from tea vendors around is a common way to rejuvenate yourself a piece of cake, imagine spending a few days high on the hills with cool breeze and misty weather where planters and workers come together to form a wonderland growing tea in the finest form like nowhere else in the world! Perfect; you got the right name in your head; none other than the queen of hills, DARJEELING that spans across thousands of acres of land area on open hill slopes with countless tea gardens that give you an insight about tea processing stages from withering, rolling, drying, sorting and packaging!

Here are the varieties of tea which can help you sip down the authentic magical flavor of the Mecca of Tea in India:

Darjeeling Oolong TeaDarjeeling Oolong

Quite similar to traditional Chinese tea, oolong falls somewhere in between the black and green tea. This variety is hard withered and semi-oxidized needed to be grown at higher altitude in cool environment. There are two types of tea liquor produced; clonal and china wherein one grown in spring incepts a light orange color and other grown in summer a darker shade. The latter has green infusion and muscatel flavor with fruity aroma.


Darjeeling Black TeaDarjeeling Black Tea

Black tea is something we are all highly acquainted with since time immemorial. However, when it comes to Darjeeling’s black tea, you must widen your knowledge over the fact that it is 100% oxidized and is darkish in color. Your love for tea will reach cloud 9 when you try different ranges of Darjeeling black tea flavors like fruity, nutty, flowery or spicy available in tea gardens here! 


Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling Green Tea

Darjeeling green tea is known to offer you the highest money value not only with its health benefits but also in terms of the process of production! Effective with strong anti-oxidants that can kill cancer cell and keep your heart healthy with controlled LDL cholesterol levels, the specialty about Darjeeling green tea is that it is dried and steamed but not fermented. So, how about a healthy tour in nature’s paradise with a cup of hot green tea?


Darjeeling White TeaDarjeeling White Tea

Unlike other varieties, white tea is expensive for, it is handpicked, dried in sun and hand rolled. Being organic in nature and retaining all the essential minerals and natural ingredients, this is pale golden in color and has a hint of natural sweetness thereby helping you brew a perfect cup of refreshment with the best taste, essence and flavor!


Simply ask GoDisha’s executives to help you get away from the monotony of everyday life and plan that perfect break to unwind with the magical sunset or magnificent sunrise in the Queen of Hills.. and of course, not to forget.. all this whilst slowly enjoying every sip of the hot cup of your favorite variety of tea in its only indigenous region, Darjeeling!!