Let’s drive from India to Thailand..!!!


 Posted on Fri Sep, 18 2015 11:05

India Thailand Highway Map Left your mouth open? Stop gaping at the screen in disbelief because this piece of information is 100% authentic. The construction of the highway had started in 2012. This highway opens in November. Now you know what your next road trip is gonna be.. . . . . . . Prep up for this great adventure, drive through Shillong, the beautiful hill station of Meghalaya amongst wispy clouds, after all it is known as “the Abode of Clouds”. Also don’t miss out on the living root-bridges which are a beauty to behold. Take a chance to stop over at Guwahati, the city of Temples and explore its ancient history. Cross Dimapur, “The Brick City” which is also the largest city of Nagaland. Take a chance to spend a little in Myanmar, as t Read More



 Posted on Wed Aug, 26 2015 15:52

Being flexible is a key Learn to anticipate for delays & try not to get upset when things go inevitably wrong. Patience is extremely important when traveling. List up About a week or so before each trip, make a mental list of items you don’t want to forget & one you can refer to later. Dont forget an extra camera battery. It must have happened with you at least a few times when you reach a certain scenic destination only to realize that your battery is dead. So don’t miss out on that perfect shot and carry some extra batteries. Take plenty of photos They make the best souvenirs! Keep an open mind You are a visitor. Be respectful. Don’t judge other customs. Always buy travel insurance  Read More