Choose to Fly at the Lowest Airfares with Quality Services!

by Go Disha

 Posted on Thu May, 18 2017 10:45

Flights have turned out to be an incredible medium to get you and your plans off the ground in the blink of an eye! Not just is this medium faster than any other mode but also less accident prone. Air travelling as a priority has increased over years, for, it helps you reach any destination within borders in a matter of few hours and international too would seldom take more than 24 hours! Being a dramatic development since the first flight of an airplane, this mode fits perfect to go for holidays, business activities or other commercial purposes. Advantages Flights Bring to Us: Time-Saving Inevitably the fastest mode of transport in the modern times, you can invest the spare time that would rather take more hours or days on your trip by flying to any corner of the world. Unlik Read More

How to Apply for a New Passport?


 Posted on Thu Dec, 10 2015 17:03

Just the thought of applying for a new passport in India, it’s like headache for us. But don’t worry; I am going to explain you the easiest way to GET A PASSPORT within a month. No need to hire agents, running from one department to another in order to get the work done. Online website to get a passport is a one-stop source of information to obtaining a passport by a citizen in India.Your submission of passport form and its procedure may different, depends on where you stay.Just follow these simple steps, online registration, filling up and submitting online application which I given below:-1. Go to website – Passport Seva 2. Click New User – Register now in the orange box. 3. Now fill the form on Passport Seva Website. 4. Select the Pas Read More